Asphalt Shingles Wind & Hail – Genuine vs Fraud

120 min 

  • How to Know it’s Really Hail Damage: A better definition of “damage” and policy language vs industry standards
  • Non-Hail Damages: Sources of granule loss sometimes confused with hail damage
  • Intentional Damage: Recognizing physical characteristics that cannot be caused by hail impact
  • Identifying Wind Damage: What wind should look like, and where it should be found
  • Non-Wind-Damages: Items that are sometimes confused with wind damage
  • Intentional Creases & Tears: Recognizing physical characteristics that cannot be caused by wind
Claims Resolution
  • Review of Common Industry Resolution Methods: Options for claims handling, their benefits and drawbacks. 

This course is an introduction to the physical characteristics adjusters can use to recognize potential manipulation that has been claimed as wind or hail damage. We make no recommendations of how the carrier should handle claims, but objectively review the information. Adjusters will leave confident they can recognize several indicators of vandalism or intentional damage.